The stage was set for new discoveries and interesting projects. Premio Ramponi was confirmed as the launchpad for young brands with clear, eye-catching ideas. The February 2018 edition of WHITE WOMEN’S COLLECTIONS + ACCESSORIES showcased the playful architecture of LĀU.
Founded in 2011, LĀU is a project by Lisa Anderlini, a designer with an eclectic background: an architecture graduate with a love of screen printing and comics, and a personal interest in the surreal and magical world of mathematics. All these experiences are linked through her research into form, material and synthesis.

The contest, started by Alfredo Ramponi who owns the eponymous Italian company and leading manufacturer of synthetic crystals and ABS studs for clothing and accessories, rewarded the talent of young designer Lisa Anderlini, who founded her brand in line with the creativity, research and aesthetic required by the contest.

LĀU’s intention is to create a contemporary aesthetic based on an attentive study of geometry and a love of art in all its forms. The result is a brand that channels a variety of sources into a recognisable style, aiming to create tops that women can wear every day to redefine their personal style. Using geometric patterns and minimal cuts, the brand’s profound creative process transforms pure ideas and meanings into garments. A clear and constantly changing imagination establishes an essential connection between the garment and its wearer.
Thanks to the company and the trade publisher Nuova Libra, and the partnership with WHITE, the designer will exhibit his collection at the next edition of WHITE in a dedicated space in Via Tortona 35.
Now in its ninth edition, the Premio is a stable and consolidated part of the broad panorama of competitions set up in support of fashion. Created with a view to enhance and promote new creative talent, and grown under the aegis of influential personalities such as Mario Boselli, the Premio will therefore continue to give strength to designers as they navigate the essential process of trade show exhibitions and sales campaigns.

All this thanks to a change in the rules allowing the competition to run without deadlines or time limits: candidates can now simply go to the Ramponi website, select their category and send in their entry.
“We have reached the ninth edition and, thanks to everyone’s collaboration, we are developing a rewarding, shared journey. The evolution of the Ramponi Prize is part of a broader scope of support.
In this new light, the competition will aim to create a network of support that will allow designers to grow and allow the creative process to remain independent” clarifies Alfredo Ramponi.