The PREMIO RAMPONI® presents its spin-off: Talent network Premio Ramponi®, to embark on new journeys and build a hotbed of creativity

The Premio Ramponi is expanding in a new direction: TheTalent Network Premio Ramponi to spread the culture of the product and the creative process with winning designers.
The desire to keep the Premio alive between one edition and the next led Ramponi® to further explore the idea of company philanthropy with a view to creating dialogue and professional friendship amongst the participants of the various editions.

This is why the Premio is making the company available for creative experimentation: the winning designers will channel some of their over-season pieces “into the Ramponi world”.
The Talent Network will thus become a way of going beyond the editions and sounding out new ways of connecting creativity and industry.
The garment or accessory will be developed during appointments at the company, which will be documented on the company’s communication channels.

Creative output will be displayed at the June edition of White and at Ramponi’s various trade shows (between July and September).