Premio Ramponi, now in its tenth edition, has always been a major milestone for upcoming designers as one of its core aims is to encourage new fashion.

This journey full of growth has also enjoyed success with its Talent Network spin-off which, following the 2017 edition, is aiming to continue with exciting innovation, maintaining its professional standpoint but also making a few changes. This second edition will target not just prize-winning designers but also some of its participants, who will also be able to contribute their ideas with Ramponi materials, showcasing their work at future trade shows. Next appointments: Milano Unica (10/12 July), Première Vision (19/21 September), Linea Pelle (25/27 September).

Support, development, dialogue with the company and the culture of the product. These are the pillars on which Talent Network Premio Ramponi is based, this year focusing on the theme of “the future of decoration” and once again showcasing the wonderful clothing and accessories forged out of flair, materials, colours, volumes and shapes – all embellished with a tangible Ramponi feel.