This edition (the first one presented with its new title) has as protagonist a designer who perfectly enhances natural and ecofriendly materials of Astarte, new takeover by Ramponi universe.

Born in 1993, after studying design at the Architecture School, he decided to specialize in Fashion. Graduated at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines, he was proclaimed “Designer of the Year 2017” during the Graduation Show of his university.
As freelance fashion designer, he founded his own brand KIKO KINTANAR in 2017. He creates jewels clothes produced with natural and ecofriendly materials offered by his wonderful mother-country.
WHITE MILANO will be his first chance for international fame with Ramponi – Astarte.

From Ramponi Prize to Ramponi Talent: still under Ramponi brand
In addition to its old and new products, Ramponi is launching two new important initiatives focusing on creativity and talent.
The first one is represented by Ramponi Prize, already at its 10th edition, that is an important goal (no aimed) to support emerging designers.
The second initiative is Talent Network, a Prize spin-off, aimed to be a tournée of motivational appointments and programs intended to engage participants and winners of different editions.
This two initiatives blend together in a new name: Ramponi Talent. It will highlight and support rising designers with the same (as ever) professional mark and creative attitude, leading them in presenting their creations and giving them the chance to interpret Ramponi world in all his sides.