Talent Network Ramponi resumes its exploration of “The future of decoration” theme.

Created as a spin-off of the better-known Premio Ramponi, the Talent Network initiative brings winners and participants together in a workshop setting to highlight various aspects of the Ramponi world. A creative dialogue exploring the company’s approach to the creative process for producing a finished item, a piece of clothing or an accessory. The challenge also speaks to the transformation that companies must make for the craftsmanship of the future, which mixes manual skills and technology, designing spirit and sustainable development.

After hosting Lau’s pop shirts (by Lisa Anderlini) and Annie Fabbioni’s sophisticated footwear at Milano Unica (10/12 July), the guest designer at upcoming trade shows Première Vision (19/21 September) and Linea Pelle (25/27 September) will be Filippo Pugnetti with his brand Pugnetti Parma. His bags are portable “treasure chest” that will be embellished with Ramponi products for the occasion. Skill and modern craftsmanship for a heavy-rock collaboration made up of nugget beads, crosses, gold and bronze.