Prestige and research in the dual appointment with Ramponi at WHITE: GEDEBE’s unique creations for the sixth edition of Premio Ramponi and exhibited work from winners of past editions for the Talent Network project.

“The design evolution of the Ramponi Prize is part of a broader scope of philanthropy and support, which will develop over the coming seasons. In this new light, the competition will aim to create a network of support that will allow designers to grow and allow the creative process to remain independent,” clarifies Alfredo Ramponi.
This change has also brought about the second important initiative at White: Talent Network Premio Ramponi, a spin-off that aims to expand the advantages of the Premio and encourage
dialogue about the culture of the product and the creative process with winning designers (and others). For this début, the winners of all previous editions channelled their creativity into the
“Ramponi world” in a display in Via Tortona 27.